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It's great to be able to communicate with all my wonderful friends and so many people whom, though I have as yet to meet, have supported and loved my work throughout the years – whether it was in the form of a short story, an article a complete book, you've always been there to support me. Along with my teaching, proofreading and translation work, I am currently focusing on promoting Greece through my book and also writing features for an American magazine.

A new page has been added to this website. GREECE – where I will be posting information, advice and anything which I believe will prove of assistance to anyone planning to visit this beautiful country.

Along with my posts, I'd love for you all to contribute by sending information and photos of every nook and cranny of this glorious country, helping me show the world what a fantastic destination it is!



Whew! What a month September was!!! I was so busy getting organized.   As most of you know, organization is the secret of success to accomplishing more. It was an amazing month and by the looks of it, it can only get better.

My book CHRYSTALL CLEAR ENGLISH has been doing so well and I am enjoying using it with my students too. Concise and to the point – a great reference book for some, a wonderful practice book for others. An inexpensive alternative to grammar books on the market!

Next venture will be to write a Writing skills book. That will be a book with a difference too! Children nowadays don’t have any imagination – very few do. I’d like to tickle those brain cells and get them thinking more and appreciating books more too. A challenge, but I’m always a sucker for one.

My booklet on THE ART OF TELESALES is also ready – in English for now and soon in Greek, selling at €5 only. A great tool for anyone who wants to do well in the business of selling over the phone.

During the last three months before the year ends, I’m always more energetic, dreaming of better things to come, hoping that our country will survive this awful crisis and people start regaining their optimism. Living without hope for anything better, is like sleeping – preparing for the inevitable … death. Don’t let’s lose hope, don’t lets lose our smiles and our optimism. Let’s be patient, let’s help each other instead of fighting each other and let’s believe in our hearts that better days are on the way.

Have a wonderful autumn – a wonderful October my friends!!!



My dear friends,

I choose today to enter my September message as it is the 6th of the 9th month of the year – if you take a six and turn it upside down, you have a nine, right? Well, this is just how we are at this point in Greece – a bit topsey-turvey!!! I believe the 6/9/13 is a fantastic day to greet you all and wish you a wonderful month, a fantastic start to the new school year and a superb weekend!

Summer was great, however, I do admit I love September and the coolness it brings. New beginnings and just a hunch that along with the Autumn rain, the first cool nights of September, something great will come up too. It might be work related, relationship related, I never know, it is just an overwhelming feeling of new beginnings that I always look forward to.

May you all have a great September! I do love getting your mail, telling me your news and reviews on my books – so, keep it rolling!!!

Thank you so much!




Dear friends,

I know, I’ve skipped a couple of months – it’s been hectic, I could say but that would be a lie. No matter how busy one is, there’s always time to jot down a few lines. I was just in my ‘quiet mode’. Don’t mistake ‘quiet mode’ for depression, etc. It’s just a phase I like shifting into, from time to time. Sometimes, it’s my most productive phase.

During these two months, I have written an absolutely wonderful book –


I’m really proud of it! Moreover, it has been one of my plans to do something like this, for a very long time.

It is a handy guide to all who want to know, or want to remind themselves of the basics of the English Language! I’ve published it in a very practical A5 size, so that one can even carry it around easily. It is almost 200 pages – 25 units, excluding the long, but complete list of irregular verbs.

I will be piloting it this coming school year and at the same time, I’ll be writing more books under the



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